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University of Wisconsin

'Living in the COVID19 Era & Hospital Preparedness'


Team optimization and technology

  1. Technology and Patient Flow Charts

  2. Unavailable Resources Essential to Patient Care

  3. Facilitating Communication to Families (patient care, death of loved ones, body identification, etc.) through technology

  4. Proper identification of Patients for Medication Disbursements.

  5. Disruption in information collection, recording and documentation by nurses during the COVID19 Crisis

  6. Hospital screenings outside the scope of COVI19 testing (i.e., changes of a behavioral nature (suicide watch)

  7. Leadership and Patient Care

The hospital business model has changed dramatically. Scarcity of funding, reallocation of resources, safety, health care is some of the variants challenged in today's medical institutions. 

1. Systems integration, team coordination, effective leadership during crisis management; 2. team optimization and technology; 3. facilitating communication to families (patient care, death of loved ones, body identification) through technology; 4. Disruption in information documentation, hospital screenings outside the scope of COVID19 (i.e., suicidal ideations); 5. Leadership and patient Care; 6. Government access to medical records; 7. challenges faced by organizations whose employees refuse to wear masks or refused to return to work. 8. Telemedicine and Healthcare; 9. Source Contact Tracing

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