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Dr. Jeremy Butler, Ph.D.
Professor, Author, Featured Speaker

Educator/Defensive Tactics Expert

February 4, 2022

"Police Reform/ Community Policing

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Dr. Jeremy Butler, Ph.D.

University of Illinois, B.S. Kinesiology, Minor Aging

Illinois State University, MS Recreation Administration

University of Illinois - Ph.D. Kinesiology

Assistant Professor Health Promotion and Performance - Judson University Speaker, Control Tactics Instructor and Educator New Minted Author and soon to be released book, The Law Enforcement Officer's Guide to Better Control Tactics, Less Lawsuits and Building Community Trust Through Martial Arts.

Featured Speaker, Defensive Tactics Expert, and Educator.


In recent years, you've heard the phrase 'Community Policing."  What is community policing? What measures work best to strengthen the relationship between the police and community? What are the essential elements of an effective community program?  Dr. Butler will address these questions and more.  

Pagoda Rebirth Martial Arts 

• The importance of verbal de-escalation training

• Understanding the Law

• Conceal Carry Law

• Strategies when stopped by the police

• Essential elements of an influential community policing program

• Barriers to good police-community relations

• Best strategies to strengthen the relationship between the police and minorities?

• Strategies in terms of training, educating, or cultivating an internal culture to combat the effect of unconscious racial bias so that it does not affect how police enforce the law.

• Cultural competency as a required component of police training.

Should CC by mandated by the state or left to the individual police departments.

• Bridging de-escalation through positive interaction Pagoda Rebirth Martial Arts - Trained in 5 different styles of Karate Arts


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