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'Leadership and the Law'


How do you prepare for labor negotiations? How does your organization support your professional development and the development of its employees? How has the COVID19 shelter impacted your industry in place order? What are your experiences in working with a culturally diverse team? How do you prepare for conflict negotiations (legal) (conducting due diligence) (developing relations), etc.? How do you manage conflict on your team, or with the employees (speak to unionized employees as well)? Have you worked with toxic leaders before, and how did it impact your career? What impact did the toxic leader's influence have on your team? Or currently have on your team......... How do you define success (personal), organizationally


Mr. Clopton has experience in labor relations, contract negotiations, chaired arbitration hearings and corporate representation. Mr. Clopton will address the topics of Conflict Negotiations, Labor Relations (from both the Corporate and Union perspectives), and their impact on Leadership and the organization. In addition to addressing labor relations perspectives, listed below are questions for consideration to incorporate in the discussion as well

Thank you, Eddie Clopton, JD for stopping and sharing your knowledge and expertise with the students from the Division of Professional Studies Programs. This week we had student representatives from Organizational Leadership, Human Resources and Master of Business Administration. Whew! Engaging Crowd.  Topics discussed were Labor Relation Negotiations, Critical Thinking, Conflict Resolutions, COVID19 Preparedness, Security Measures for Organizations during the Shelter in place order. Toxic Leadership, Contract Negotiations with Unions. Professional development...

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