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Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

'China, SupplySide Pharmaceuticals and the impact on Healthcare in America'


Antoine's background encompasses both military and healthcare leadership experience for the last 20 years. Mr. Shaw is Director of Immunology Product Sales at AbbVie Pharmaceuticals. He addressed the topic of Women in Leadership, Diversity, Inclusion, and Convergence of Thought in Team Development. He discussed China's healthcare vision for 2030, which presents opportunities in the United States to become a significant exporter in Pharmaceuticals overseas. It was also interesting to learn about the background of AbbVie. A very young company, but a company that has become the market leader in product offerings, Top Tier 2nd largest market supply chain management with 65% of the manufacturing produced in the United States. AbbVie is the #1 supplier of Electricity and Employment in Puerto Rico. The sustainability of their revenue stream through product diversification. From a Leadership Perspective, Mr. Shaw pointedly and explicitly emphasized the critical elements of strategically making intellectual contributions, demonstrating your body of knowledge, and bringing your quality of work to the table as formidable attributes when seeking to work for a successful company. Show people how-to walk-in purpose as a leader. How are you contributing to the collection of experience and quality of work? How are you differentiating yourself from the collective? Critically important was seeking an advocate or sponsor who will represent you in the organizational structure. The sponsor has the power and authority to position you for greater exposure to and recognition of your professional contributions to the organization. Your sponsor will provide a value proposition metric which will clarify and align all expectations in your professional development. Thanks again, Mr. Antoine Shaw for providing context in Healthcare Leadership from both a professional development perspective and organizational leadership implication

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