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Dr. Elfreda Massie, Ph.D.

'Leadership, Education and Innovation

January 7, 2022

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Dr. Elfreda Massie

University of Maryland, Ph.D.

Education Administration

VP K12 Strategy

Author: When the Music Changes: What Adversity Taught Me About the Healing Power of Faith

HR Certification Institute – Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration 2015-2018  

Johns Hopkins University School of Education – M. ED, Guidance and Counseling 

VP of K12 Strategy - Lead the K12 Strategy team of Class, a platform built on Zoom that provides teaching and learning tools to the virtual classroom. Class adds tools to improve training and development, manage project-based work, and more. We are designing technology solutions that will transform the future of virtual learning to make it more engaging for teachers and students. 


StepUp HC - is a diverse team of HR professionals with extensive experience designing and running human capital programs for some of the world's most exciting organizations, creating innovative solutions across the full spectrum of HR needs. 


Chief Development Officer – GEMS Education Americas 

Created the strategic business development plan consistent with the company’s growth goals; led day-to-day business operations and managed a multi-million-dollar budget; managed accounts for large school districts. Led the GPS team that wrote the winning proposal and was selected as a “Turnaround School” improvement partner. Was Project Manager for a middle school in Baltimore City and had both academic and operational responsibilities for the school. 


When the music changes, so does the dance……West African Proverb 

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